What Should I Give?

Life Giving is releasing God’s grace through surrendered obedience.

The word tithe means tenth. To tithe is to give 10%

The Bible teaches tithing as a principle that predates the Old Testament Law. Abraham tithed 400 years before the Law (Gen 14:20). Jacob also tithed (Gen 28:22).
In the New Testament, Jesus told the Pharisees that they should tithe, but also fulfill the “weightier matters of the law.” (Matt 23:23)

Tithing is not paying your dues or helping the church pay bills. Tithing is an act of worship offered to Jesus through the local church where we acknowledge Him as Lord over all.

When offered as an act of worship, tithing asks the Lord to redeem the other 90% for His glory and our blessings.

Q1: “How many of these dollars belong to God?”

Answer: All of them!

Q2: “How many of these dollars are the tithe?”

Answer: One of them!

Q3: “Which one is the tithe?”

Answer: The first one!